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Credit where it’s due. (The Traces 2)

February 5, 2017


A couple of weeks ago I noticed that there were now warning signs in the area I had posted about at the beginning of December. This suggests that the Borough Council had now identified it as a hotspot.

Even better, someone, again I assume the Borough Council, had gone down and cleared up all the major rubbish from the road, footpath and turning space. Great work! And it would be good to know which agency to give credit to.

There’s still a horrific amount of rubbish on the land and cut-through between Powdermill Lane, the lake and Walnut Tree Avenue. But I assume this is strictly private land, with the scrubland awaiting development.

Despite all that, someone had still come down later and added a bit of mini-tipping, plus brushwood, in the turning space. Maybe they did a gardening job, had a packed lunch then took toys home for the kids but, poignantly, decided to skip the daffodils ?!


Probably not of great interest to my friends outside the Dartford area. But I have two general morals to draw. It can soon become disheartening if you see an area you use being regularly treated as a tip. Even if it is a fairly prosaic space, rather than the adjacent beauty spot. But it is also heartening when the local agencies that represent you make an effort to fight back, despite the fact that it may feel like an uphill struggle.



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