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November Dartford Tweetup

November 19, 2013

[UPDATE: I initially suggested Monday 16th December for next month’s #dartfordtweetup. However, that evening is general assembly of Dartford Borough Council – with compulsory attendance by all councillors. As we don’t want to lose our councillor members for the evening, I’m proposing Tuesday 17th December, 7:30, Royal Oak, instead. I will also check in with the pub – just to ensure we aren’t clashing with an event or party ]

We had the second #dartfordtweetup yesterday evening – 18th November

The numbers are growing – we were nine this time, so nearly doubled, and had apologies from two people who were ill and from five who were working too late. I scientifically calculated that if we keep on at this rate, the entire population of Dartford will be coming to tweetup in about 18 months time!

First of all thanks to the following for coming along:








@Andyclark57  (Dartford Matters)

In case anyone is concerned that that’s a largely male group, at least five of the sick/work apologies came from females. So it’s reasonably balanced.

We had a lively and good-humoured evening. #dartfordtweetup isn’t Fight Club! But I would like to think that people can talk there without feeling that they are making official statements or going on record. So I won’t be writing up reports or anything like that.You might, though, be interested in some of the topics that came up. I’m sure I won’t remember them all but they included:

  • Dartford’s pubs, history, changes and closures,
  • markets,
  • town centre eateries and the ‘early-evening economy’,
  • planning,
  • Acacia Hall, the open air theatre and entertainment venues in general
  • Litter picking
  • opportunities for public debate about Dartford
  • bin swaps
  • Council and Councillors’ uses for twitter and Facebook
  • parish and town councils
  • Big Lottery funded projects
  • sources of local news and information online

If you’ve got any questions about #dartfordtweetup or you have ideas about dates, frequency, time, venue, format – just make a Comment below. Similarly if you want to add anything about last night’s session. Or tweet me @grimbold – ideally using the #dartfordtweetup hashtag, which we should probably all try to cite when we can. [I know it’s a bit long].

Sticking to the formula of third Monday in the month, the next #dartfordtweetup is proposed for Monday 16th December at 7:30pm. Royal Oak. Due to general assembly of Dartford Borough Council being on Monday 16th, I’m proposing that the next #dartfordtweetup be held on Tuesday 17th December – same time and place. That’s getting close to Christmas and people will have all sorts of parties, work deadlines, etc going on. But that’s true for a couple of weeks. So let’s regard this as our own modest pre-Christmas party, and see how it goes?

Nov13tweetup1 Nov13tweetup2 Nov13tweetup3

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