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“Other People” and the sub-contracting of civic duty

September 9, 2009

There’s another common theme to my thinking – I’ll be writing about it soon and, indeed, re-posting an item from my old blog about it. If nothing else it will prove that I’ve been going about it for quite a while.

There were also elements of this idea in what I said yesterday, concerning the way we seem to want to use “Other People” to deal with “Other People”, not least via the use of legislation, regulation and good old BANNING THINGS! At best we pay a service charge to our local authorities in order to fund that intervention and, at the same time, distance ourselves from the conflict.

Anyhow, more of that anon. But I was prompted to jump the gun a little on this topic, because I wanted to share this article from BBC News Online which demonstrates some of the practical responses that I am interested in fostering. The quoted phrase, “the disengagement of the criminal justice systems makes it harder for communities to fight crime” has something in common with my “Other People” issue. More later then…

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