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All over by Christmas

September 23, 2008

We are extending our house. We are having an extension built. Our house is being extended…

Hmmm – I'm not sure what the proper verbs are here. It's our plan, we pay the money, we did some of the thinking, we make the tea – but an architect did the drawings and somebody else does the work.

It all started yesterday – just a bit of warm-up demolition of the roof of the existing garage and single storey utility room. But suddenly there's that air of inevitability – we're committed now. A ten week build – comfortably over by christmas – so long as we don't hit any snags and the weather is kind. Gulp!

It's a standard extension for a semi-detached house… extending sideways and going up a floor… to give us a ground floor bathroom, a significant expansion of our long thin kitchen, a small study upstairs and a new bedroom for one of our daughters.

Of course, I've taken a couple of photos, from fixed points and angles, before everything gets going. I'm hoping to do the same roughly every day and, if I get the angles right, I will have some kind of time lapse sequence to show for it.


Pictures on the blog soon…

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