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April 17, 2007

For two weeks running I've been stuck on 17lbs lost. Rationally I understand the factors – I've recovered from those two bugs and, being able to train as well, I've put back some muscle. I also had a few family events and outings, where it's harder to control what I'm eating.

So I know it's not time to panic or go for silly reductions in my calorie intake. But it's surprisingly hard to hold your nerve when you're not making that 1lb+ per week any more and your "eta" starts to slip to later in the year.

Good things: It's gardening weather. We've got the bikes out of the shed.

Tactics: Watch out for the odd food trap. Keep up the gym frequency but keep the weights low. Eliminate the last of my alcohol ration for the next couple of months.

It's a marathon – not a sprint.

Reminds me – good luck to Amanda Wheeler who's running her first (and, she hopes her last) marathon in the London on Sunday.

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