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Good news and bad news

April 5, 2007

So the good news is that when I weighed in with Craig at the gym today I came in at 95.1 kilos. Converting to pounds, and sorting out the rounding, that means I have lost 17lbs since I started the challenge in the New Year. See the original reading

The bad news is that with two viruses in three weeks I haven't been able to train regularly. So I've lost some muscle and my body fat is stuck on 26%. Even worse, this week's return to training has triggered a nerve problem like sciatica so I'm hopping around in a pathetic fashion. Still – heat, neurofen and some of Craig's stretches and I should be OK.

But I'm still on target for my 50lb weight loss in the year in support of the GfK NOP 50th Anniversary charity fund. I'm setting up a site for people to make their donations, please sponsor me now – and I'm also thinking about an extra element to the challenge. That's assuming I get settled back into regular and quality training.

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