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What We Do

When a crowd gathers around a bonfire, it’s either a festival or a riot…

We help you to do your best work, by being the real you and connecting through Social Media to others who will value you for just that. 


What’s particularly exciting is that ‘you’ can mean an organisation, team or Brand, not just an individual. Then the challenge is on for a group to act, socially online, like one consistent person.


Everything we do is based on the premise that Social Media is social. That may seem obvious, until you remember how much these popular channels are still used for one-way communications or crude click-and-like interaction. We have a view about what being really social means and we have used this to create several services:

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SoShall Eye: [For individuals] Starting from a clean sheet, or by an audit of what you already do in Social Media, we help you to focus on who you are, why you do what you do, and how this purpose is expressed through specific values, goals and interests. We then use these, rather than short-term business targets, to discover, build and engage online with your natural network. This network will deliver business development, collaboration and partnerships, market intelligence, innovation and much more, as well as sales. We will support you in maintaining and monitoring your network, defining simple practices and tools which we can hand over to you when you wish. We will draw your attention to themes, patterns and opportunities but we will never pretend to be you, or put words in your mouth.

SoShall We: This is SoShall Eye for groups, organisations or Brands. The logic is the same but the process also involves identifying, or maybe remembering, your shared values, goals and resulting interests. The result will be that your organisation can act socially across all the dimensions of Social Media, in a consistent way. This isn’t about crafting and constraining a single voice or a ‘line to take’, it is about enabling a family of consistent voices. This may involve turning some of the Social Media tools inwards on your group in order to discover and sustain or refresh you common purpose.

SoShall Intelligence: Sometimes clients find their Social Media life creates such large volumes of interaction that they have to go beyond the simple methods and processes of SoShall Eye or SoShall We. Or they may want to listen in on conversations between others – about the things that matter most to their own business. In these cases we will recommend third-party solutions from amongst our partners in Social Media Analysis. We can manage these for you, or help you to procure and configure services which you go on to manage for yourselves.

Mindfulness Training: Having gained a PhD in the Philosophy of Mind, and studied and practiced Zen meditation for many years, Nick encountered Mindfulness a couple of years ago. It condensed all that accumulated background into something very simple, practical and effective. As a result he trained with Mindfulness at Work to deliver Mindfulness training to others. Mindfulness is a regular practice, using techniques such as focusing on your breathing, which enables you to focus on the present moment and be less preoccupied with your emotional attachment to the past or future. It also allows you to create a little distance between yourself, your thoughts, and your emotional responses to them. The results include improved concentration, reduced stress and fatigue, and greater openness and creativity through the shaking off of habits. Mindfulness works well with SoShall Eye – as part of reviewing your true interests, motivation and goals. For SoShall We, it helps to create the conditions in which groups can explore shared purpose more openly, and less constrained by old assumptions. As an Associate of Mindfulness at Work, Nick is able to offer public Open Courses, private Group Courses for specific clients, or one to one sessions.

For the future…


SoShall Gathering: To help clients use Social Media to bring together a crowd of interested parties, investors, experts or customers. Through SoShall Gathering these crowds will lead to the definition, support or even delivery of new products and services… or the founding of new organisations. All based on shared, authentic, values and goals.

SoShall Isation: This is a creative process through which you will be able to explore the addition of social functionality to existing services – ideally, but not necessarily, online services. SoShall Isation will also help you to identify ways of building a community of interest, innovation and support around offline products.

SoShall and Mindful: This will draw on our accumulating experience with these two perspectives in combination, to give practical guidance on how to apply Mindfulness to your practice of Social Media. Again this will be in association with Mindfulness at Work, who have a history of Mindfulness-based business consultancy.

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